Ping G25 irons: Forgiving, sleeker

January 02, 2013

When Ping first introduced its G-series irons in 2003, the idea was to create the most forgiving iron in Ping's history. That message of forgiveness has held true for the last decade, but with the release today of the G25 iron, Ping's engineers are looking to continue that level of forgiveness in a sleeker package.[#image: /photos/55ad7619add713143b42710a]|||PING_G25_iron.jpg|||

The G25, the sixth installment in Ping's cast stainless steel game-improvement iron line, will feature similar moment of inertia measurements compared to its predecessor, the G20. But the topline, sole width and offset have been refined in each iron within the set to optimize playability. While the G20 maintained a nearly constant sole width of more than an inch, the G25's sole width gets narrower as the irons move from the 3-iron to the pitching wedge. The idea is the wider sole's greater forgiveness and lower center of gravity are more important on the longer irons, while the reduced sole width on the short irons will improve playability. In addition, the topline is thinner on the G25 vs. the G20, and the offset on the middle irons is 12-13 percent less on the G25 vs. the G20.

The other key enhancement on the G25 iron is the repositioning of Ping's trademark elastomer custom tuning port lower behind the face. Designed to improve feel, the port is notched near the sole and aligned directly behind the impact area to help lower the center of gravity and help launch shots higher. The G25's design also employs support bars behind the impact area to improve distance control.

Available in mid-February the G25 irons will have a MSRP of $97.50 per club with Ping's proprietary CFS steel shaft.