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Photo: Michael Jordan's new golf course home

December 01, 2010

One can safely assume that if the folks at have a desire to photograph your house, then you are doing OK for yourself.

First it was Tiger Woods' gargantuan new estate on Jupiter Island, complete with its own four golf holes and access to waterfront on both sides. Now comes a shot of Michael Jordan's 28,000-square foot setup at the Bears Club down the road in Jupiter.

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According to realtor Cary Lichtenstein, Jordan paid a total of $12.4 million -- $4.8 million for the land, $7.6 for the construction -- making it the most expensive non-waterfront house in the Palm Beaches. It has a modest 11 bedrooms, a two-story guard house, an expansive athletic wing, and an enormous media room that is "cigar friendly," -- which may be a euphemistic way of saying it is breathing unfriendly.

Nonetheless, given Jordan's well-known affection for golf, and his proximity to the Bears Club, he looks like he will have plenty of chances to grab some fresh air.

*-- Sam Weinman