bust a move

Phil Mickelson spotted line-dancing it up with fellow LIV golfers, kinda has some moves


Rob Carr

Phil Mickelson may be 54 years old but he moves as if he’s just turned 51. The LIV golfer and some other HyFlyers stepped off the green, threw their cowboy boots on (metaphorically, unfortunately) and gave it their best go on the dance floor to … pretty decent effect. If there’s a PGA Tour Champions equivalent for line dancing, we might see Mickelson high-stepping it over and over in the future.

Yes, it’s a bit shocking to witness, but that’s Lefty, Andy Ogletree, Cameron Tringale and a host of guys being dudes “Kicking up dust in Nashville ... 🤠” The song, after some light Shazamming, appears to be “The Fireman” by George Strait, which has the incredible line, “Hey well, everybody'd like to have what I've got/I can cool 'em down when they're smolderin' hot.”

The reactions to the viral video are all over the place from some appreciating Mickelson trying out a new recreation ahead of the LIV Nashville event to one commenter asking, “How do I unwatch this??”

Well, fortunately or unfortunately, this will be stuck in your head for the rest of time, waiting for the next moment you close your eyes and try to get some sleep.

“I’m kinda digging the Nashville vibe 👍👍,” Mickelson added while hopefully still in his black cowboy hat and bandana. Perhaps he’s just backing up LIV’s claims that the fledgling league is “Golf but louder.” Either way, we’re glad the HyFlyers dropped the video and that Mickelson dropped it low.