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PGA Tour reveals it's in discussions with Clinton

January 22, 2011

LA QUINTA, Calif. -- The PGA Tour revealed in a statement this morning that it has been in discussions with the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative about a role in the Bob Hope Classic.

The statement came in response to this blog post in which Joe Ogilvie suggested that the Hope bring Bill Clinton aboard as the host as a means of boosting the tournament. Here's the PGA Tour's statement:

"The Commissioner and the PGA Tour have been in discussions over the past several months with the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative regarding a broad partnership that would involve the Clinton Foundation's longstanding commitment to improving lives with the Tour's 'Together, Anything's Possible' charitable initiative. This includes the potential for leveraging the Bob Hope Classic as a focal point for this partnership. We would like to stress these discussions are in progress and any speculation as to the details would be premature. When completed, a detailed overview will be provided."

The tour has no other comment.

-- John Strege