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PGA Tour pro’s son gives adorable live Hurricane Matthew weather reports

October 07, 2016

There’s certainly nothing funny about hurricanes, including the one named Matthew that is currently terrifying the southeast portion of the U.S. However, eight-year-old Maverick MacKenzie managed to add a bit of levity to a tense situation.

Maverick is the adorable son of PGA Tour pro Will MacKenzie, and on Thursday night, he offered his own live, eyewitness weather reports from Jupiter, Fla. Check out these cute videos filmed by his mother, Alli:

"The wind is blowing about 48 miles per hour right now." How accurate!

Maverick says he'll be staying on the ground floor and offers this smart advice on sleeping: "The lower, the better."

So what has Maverick been eating/drinking?

"My tongue is blue because I was eating some of that cake for the hurricane party. And I was drinking Tito's." Alli quickly disputes that last claim.

And what movies has he been watching to pass the time?

Indiana Jones and Free Willy? Great choices.

And he offers an important closing message: "Stay safe, friends. . . we'll report later. . . over and out."

You stay safe, too, Maverick.