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PGA Tour pro has the perfect reaction for falling on his butt

October 23, 2020

Andrew Landry slipped down the leader board with two late bogeys on Thursday at the Zozo Championship. That had nothing, though, on the actual tumble he took on Sherwood Country Club's 18th hole.

After a wayward drive left, Landry had to play his second shot from some wood chips. Before he was able to do that, however, he lost his balance on a cartpath curb and completely fell on his butt. It was insult to injury, but luckily for the 33-year-old, it didn't result in adding injury to insult. Well, except maybe to his pride.

When it came to the cameras catching the embarrassing moment, the two-time PGA Tour winner wasn't as fortunate. Not only did Golf Channel air it, but Dan Hicks gave it the, "This was a moment ago" treatment. And Paul Azinger added, "Slow motion, too, which makes it even better for all of us!"

Of course, as rough as that was for Landry, Azinger was right. But Landry handled it well, even poking fun of himself after. Here's the two-time PGA Tour winner's comment along with the video and commentary from Hicks and Azinger:

Good stuff, Andrew. But seriously, that didn't help the whole "Are golfers athletes?" debate. Please be more careful going forward—especially if you're going to wear white pants.