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PGA Championship 2020: Brooks Koepka took another not-so-subtle shot at Bryson DeChambeau because of course he did

August 06, 2020

Tom Pennington

Give Brooks Koepka this: He is consistent in his pettiness.

This is a major week, and in these weeks Koepka is very much the man in the arena. Not since in-his-prime Tiger Woods has one player bullied the big four events. That dominance continued on Thursday at TPC Harding Park, as Koepka overcame a sluggish start to turn in a four-under 66, one back of the morning lead.

However, it’s not just the courses that Koepka torments. Major venue or not, Koepka has gone out of his way the past two years to poke Bryson DeChambeau. We’d list the number of shots Koepka has sent in DeChambeau’s direction but, frankly, there’s not enough space on the Internet. (Although we’d be remiss in failing to mention last week’s jab over red ants.)

A list that grew on Thursday, as Koepka took another not-so-subtle rip at DeChambeau in an interview with Sky Sports. When asked to describe his attitude this week in San Francisco compared to his struggles a few weeks ago, Koepka summed it thusly:

“Just a major, I’ll get up for it, a little bit of confidence I guess,” Koepka said. At the end of the day I feel good, I’m playing good. There’s no reason to be scientific with all the numbers and stuff like that on TrackMan, just go out and go play.”

Sure, a lot of players post their TrackMan numbers. But only one player has the nickname "the Mad Scientist," and Koepka’s twinkle in his eye let you know those sequence of words were no coincidence.

If there are golf gods, please, let these two be paired together come Saturday.