Bills Mafia is going to break Colin Cowherd’s legs for saying the AFC Championship Game should be delayed for Patrick Mahomes

January 19, 2021

By now you’ve heard the news. Patrick Mahomes is in concussion protocol. In five days time, the Chiefs are scheduled to face the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship Game and it is unclear whether the Chiefs quarterback, reigning Super Bowl MVP, and number-one NFL jersey seller of 2020 will be able to go. This is, of course, a threat to the Chiefs’ season and dynastic ambitions, but it also poses a threat to the most compelling conference championship lineup we’ve seen in over a decade. There are no small-market underdogs to get blown out. There are big names behind every center. Hell, even Tom Brady is sort of likeable again. The only thing that can spoil Goodell and co.’s money-printing fun this weekend is a COVID-19 outbreak or a big injury like Mahomes’, and Colin Cowherd, sports savant of our time, thinks he has found a solution.

Ladies and gentleman, we present the worst sports take since that time Skip Bayless kind of, sort of said Matt Moore was better than Patrick Mahomes. Why don’t we, Cowherd floated on his daily three-hour block of self-debate, just delay the AFC title game until Mahomes clears concussion protocol, thus changing the entire fabric of sports for a single player for a single week?

“If I’m the NFL [ed note. He isn’t] . . . I find the day Patrick Mahomes can play, that’s when we play.” Cowherd said with his patented smugness. Pausing for simulated drama, he then ends his entreaty for reason (or lack thereof) with a simple open-ended question:

“Why not?”

Well, Colin, because Bills Mafia will come to your house and break your legs. That’s why not. Also because if these are the new rules, every single professional sports championship in the history of professional sports championships is now null and void. Also because you have a Twitter egg for a brain and no one likes you.

Now don’t get us wrong, any non-bettor neutral hopes Mahomes can go on Sunday. But if he can’t, you don’t blow up sports as we know it to accommodate him and you definitely don’t get on Fox and suggest that we should. There’s enough radical spew pumping out of that network on a daily basis right now. We don’t need this crap. So unless you want to be sleeping with the fishes, drop this Mahomes crap and go back to doing what you do best: Bashing Baker.