Past Masters champ takes advantage of wife being away with unhealthy feast—and we couldn't approve more

August 26, 2021

A recent study found that a person loses 36 minutes off their life with each hot dog consumed. Apparently, Ian Woosnam didn't see that study or he just doesn't care. Either way, the 63-year-old Welshman is living his best life right now as evidenced by the unhealthy—and unusual—feast he had on Wednesday.

The 1991 Masters champ, who noted his wife is away, shared a video of him sitting down to a nice meal of red wine and . . . hot dogs? Yes, hot dogs. And it looks absolutely delicious. Check it out:

Now that's a champions dinner.

The "yummy" at the 46-second mark is so good. Find someone who looks at you the way Ian Woosnam looks at a hot dog, am I right?

After winning the Masters, Woosnam served a meal at Augusta National the following year of leek and potato soup, leg of Welsh lamb cooked over hay, apple pie and ice cream. Sounds pretty solid as well.

But now we know which former winner was the happiest this year when Dustin Johnson requested pigs in a blanket. In any event, bon appetit, Woosie.