Courses & TravelApril 3, 2009

Par For Paddy

I saw this story awhile ago about Padraig Harrington making the first par on a ridiculously long par 3 in Africa.

How long?

*The world's longest and highest par three (394 yards), the signature hole at Legends Golf and Safari Resort, has its tee box poised at a dizzying height atop of Hanglip Mountain, 1,410 feet above the green and is only accessible by helicopter! *

What I hadn't seen was the video, which is worth watching if you have a few minutes.


More from the story and about the hole...

*Balls hit off the tee are estimated to have a 'hang time' of 26 seconds, so a little help is needed in keeping an eye on the white dimpled orb. With technology in the form of four separate cameras and tracking equipment, Harrington and Raphael Jacquelin (the designer of the hole) **were able to track their tee shots and the flight of their balls, while ball watchers stood ready to point out where the balls had landed on the map of Africa' green. *

  • Your average thrill-seeking golfer can play this bizarre hole in addition to a round of 18 holes, or as an experience on its own, and a hole-in-one will earn you one million US dollars!*

My top 10 par 3s (Limiting it to one par 3 per course):

  1. 16th at Cypress (The Secretariat of Par 3s--wins by 18 lengths)

  2. 5th at Pine Valley (For me it's a par 5)

  3. 7th at Pebble (I made a 2 the last time I was there)

  4. 3rd at Spyglass (A 2-rescue or a wedge depending on the wind)

  5. 17th at Bethpage Black (It has ruined many bad rounds at Bethpage Black)

  6. 17th at Sawgrass (It's something you have to try before you die)

  7. 11th at Pacific Dunes (One of the best holes on a great golf course)

  8. 3rd at Pasatiempo (I'm always in between clubs--3-wood or driver)

  9. 17th at Secession (It would be easier to land it on top of an open umbrella)

  10. 17th at Colleton River--Dye Course (A swing stopper--I hit, hold and hope)

*--Matty G.

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