Padraig Harrington smashes drive off indoor house light with "unexpected trick shot"

January 26, 2016

There's so much to love about this Padraig Harrington video. First, the obvious. It's Padraig Harrington smashing a drive in what we assume is his own house, and having the ball ricochet off a light on the ceiling. Check it out:

There's also the fact Paddy perfectly described the incident as an "unexpected trick shot."

There's the fact Paddy is practicing away in his own home and using one of his (many) unorthodox training aides.

There's the fact Paddy is using what appears to be a pretty flimsy net to hit into for a tour pro.

And finally, there's the fact Paddy catches the ball and places it back down on the tee to continue grinding as if nothing happened. That's some serious focus right there.