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Packers fans are now cancelled after footage of girl drinking from dumpster surfaces from Monday

There is no debate that Bills Mafia is the most insane, off-the-rails fanbase in the NFL. Cleveland Browns fans can accidentally fall off of the roofs of all the cars they want and they'll still never be as batshit crazy as Buffalo. That said, not even the ballsiest Bills fan is crazy enough to attempt what one Green Bay Packers fan attempted on Monday Night outside of Lambeau Field.

Prior to the Pack's Monday Night Football matchup with the Detroit Lions, the Cheeseheads were doing what I assume they always do when it gets really cold out: start drinking and drink heavily. That's the only explanation as to why this woman would try what is easily the most disgusting thing I've seen in some time. Behold, the dumpster luge, which puts any drinking video Total Frat Move tweets out to shame:

That person you hear dry-heaving in the background at the four-second mark is me. Why, why, why do people do this? What's the best outcome? 33,000 views on your video? You drank off the top of a dumpster for THIRTY THOUSAND views?!?! If you can't reach one million, you deserve whatever illness comes your way after willingly allowing alcohol to cascade down the top of a giant bin of garbage—garbage from a Green Bay Packers tailgate, mind you—and into your mouth. Not a big "cancel culture" guy but I think we've got to cancel Packers fans after this. Do what a normal fanbase does and jump through a plastic table or something. A broken arm is a lot better than contracting an infectious disease.