Whip It Good: Training a better swing

October 03, 2013

Combo plate: Two Orange devices for tempo, balance.

It helps to be strong, but strength means little if your swing lacks rhythm and flexibility. That's where the Orange Whip Trainer comes in. To remain balanced while swinging its flexible shaft and heavy head, you need to make a slight pause between the backswing and downswing. That pause is a good reminder of the importance of tempo. Swinging the weighted trainer -- counter-balanced via the ball on top of the grip -- also requires the use of larger muscles, the foundation of a consistent, reliable swing. The Whip can be used in various exercises to help build strength in the forearms and torso, too.

Starting at $99, it's available in three lengths and weights and works with the Orange Peel ($179), a concave surface that promotes the correct setup and rotation during the swing. More info.