News & ToursJune 25, 2009

Open questions

Instead of closing the book on another memorable U.S. Open, this one left it open to some unanswered questions:

  • Will Lucas Glover's victory provide him the thrust he needs to reach stardom, or will he revert to the player he was before -- long on talent, productive from an accountant's point of view, but winning once every three or four years in an otherwise largely obscure career?

  • David Duval had offered no hint that he was capable of impersonating Duval circa 1999 entering the Open. Was his Open performance an aberration or a springboard back into the game's elite mix of which he once was a fixture?

  • What to make of Ricky Barnes, for whom the cut line heretofore had been his principal focus?

Finally, if the Open performances of all three ultimately prove to be aberrations, would this mean there's something amiss in the way the USGA conducts a championship that ostensibly is interested not in embarrassing the best players, but in identifying them?

-- John Strege

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