On The Road (Again) . . .

June 01, 2009

My dad, who's 75, is known for his work ethic (always left early and came home late), integrity (he can't tell a lie), loyalty (he worked for Bechtel Power Corp. for 41 years and he has been married to my mom for 51 years) and for some reason he loves to unnecessarily lock up the brakes of a golf cart, bringing it to a screeching, smoking, rubber-smelling stop. He's also very good at gin (the card game) and he has the amazing ability to sleep anywhere at any time. On the couch, in a chair, on a plane or standing up in a train, my dad can cat nap while working with a jackhammer. My mom always said it's because he has a clear conscience.

It turns out my dad's narcoleptic tendencies haven't rolled too far from the base of a shady tree (which would be a prime spot for Papa John to catch up on some rest). I'm also very capable of unsolicited z's. My friends make fun of me and don't usually appreciate my drool on their sofas' throw pillows. But based on my recent schedule, I'd have to say it has more to do with sleep deprivation than it does my conscience.

Since Tuesday, May 26th (the day after Memorial Day) through this Friday, June 5th, I'll have been in four states (New York, California, Oregon and Michigan), flown on seven planes and so far I've had one canceled flight (Bend to San Francisco). I will have played Tetherow, Crosswater, both courses at Pronghorn (Fazio and Nicklaus), Black Butte Ranch (Big Meadow) and I drove all 18 of Aspen Lakes with owner, Grant Cyrus (good guy--great family).


If you missed it, we announced the winners of the Pinehurst Trip Planner Contest yesterday.

--Matty G.