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On Daly, alcohol, the PGA Tour and hypocrisy

April 29, 2009

All of this was addressed in this column by Lawrence Donegan of the Guardian on the eve of John Daly's return to competitive golf in the Spanish Open.

Donegan notes that Daly was suspended from the PGA Tour apparently for transgressions that involved alcohol, while the tour now ponders whether to accept sponsorships form companies that produce alcoholic beverages. The column's subhead: "The PGA Tour's desire to uphold itself as a bastion of decorum leaves the sport in an awkward position as it considers accepting alcohol sponsorship."

This brings to mind the time that PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem announced that Michelob and Mercedes-Benz had become presenting sponsors of the Tour Championship. When he opened his news conference to questions, Robinson Holloway, representing Reuters at the time, asked, "Was there any concern when you were making this deal that your two sponsors represent drinking and driving?"

-- John Strege