Ohio State coach Ryan Day threatened to “hang 100” on Michigan after Jim Harbaugh narc’d on him on a Big Ten conference call

August 06, 2020

Aaron J. Thornton

If you were wondering if college football was going to feel like college football this year, what with no fans, conference-only schedules, and late September kickoffs, we have good news: HELL FREAKING YES IT WILL. At least if Ryan Day and Jim Harbaugh have their way, that is . . .

Earlier this week, the Ohio State and Michigan ball coaches allegedly got into it on a Big Ten head coaches conference call. According to reports, while Day was speaking, Harbaugh cut him off to accuse the second-year head coach of holding on-field drills before the Friday 8/7 start date for such practices. Harbaugh mentioned linebackers coach Al Washington by name and referenced a photo taken of Washington working with players that had been making the rounds. Day, incensed, replied “How about I worry about my team and you worry about yours?” This, folks, is what we call midseason form.

But wait, it gets even better. Apparently the exchange pissed off Day so much that in a team meeting shortly after the call, he told players and coaches “Michigan better hope there’s a mercy rule, because we’re going to hang 100 on them.” Right into our veins, doc. Right into our veins.

The scariest part of all this for Michigan fans? Based on recent results, 100 isn’t that far out of the question, especially in a weird season when who knows who will be healthy and when. A couple positive COVID tests for the boys in blue and some luck for Bucks, and it’s not hard to imagine last year’s 56 and 2019’s 62 getting even further out of hand. But no matter who hangs what on [checks notes] October 24th, this dust up is good news for college football fans everywhere. Sure, things might look a little different, but as long as the hate is there, we’ll be happy.