Ogilvy (finally) set to make season debut

February 02, 2011

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- Geoff Ogilvy is making his season debut a little later than he'd planned. Knocked down in Maui by a wave while he was standing in two and a half feet of water, Ogilvy put his hand down to catch himself and came up, eventually, with 12 stitches in his right index finger and a WD from the Hyundai Tournament of Champions.

"It's in a very annoying spot for a right-handed golfer," says Ogilvy. "It's still a bit sensitive but it's like a bad callous now as opposed to a legitimate cut, if that makes sense. I've been hitting balls the last two or three days and it feels like I'm hitting it like I was when I arrived in Hawaii."

Of course, Ogilvy's return has managed to coincide with an appearance in the cauldron of TPC Scottsdale's infamous 16th hole (check out this interactive image of the 16th hole from last year's tournament). "It's the (most fun) hole of the year when you make birdie and it's the least fun hole of the year if you hit a bad shot or make bogey," says Ogilvy. "They're pretty ruthless when they get lubricated towards the end of the day. If you don't make birdie you just want to make a very nondescript middle-of-the-green, two-putt par. It's best not to stand out if you're not going to make birdie, you know what I mean?"

*-- Jim Moriarty