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Odyssey's mystery putter revealed

December 04, 2013

Odyssey's newest putter has been shrouded in mystery the last few months, including headcovers festooned with question marks. But amid the mystery, it's also already gotten a win on the PGA Tour when Chris Kirk captured the McGladrey Championship last month.

Now, Odyssey is set to unveil the Metal-X Milled, the company's next foray into the high-end milled putter market. Taking on traditional shapes, Metal-X Milled will be available in six styles, including the universal heel-toe No. 1 blade as well as Odyssey originals like the No. 7, No. 9 and the Rossie.

Milled from a block of 1020 carbon steel, the entire face of the putter features the dimpled pattern found on last year's Metal-X insert. Instead of an insert, the putter's face is chemically etched into the face. The design aims to increase friction for a better roll and reduces contact area for a quieter sound at impact. The putter also comes with interchangeable weights that can change the headweight from a standard weight of 350 grams to either 340 or 360 grams. The cavity behind the face has been thinned out slightly to allow more weight to be redistributed to the perimeter, and a crossbar in the cavity behind the face controls unwanted vibration.

The challenge with making a traditional putter is changing it just the right amount, says Odyssey principal designer Austie Rollinson.

"The technology can make it better, but you have to be careful you're not turning it into something else," he says. "You have to innovate, but it can't be overt technology."

The Metal-X Milled ($300, $350) will be available in stores next month.