Angels in the Infield

Cosmic forces agree: The Oakland A’s just can’t lose

There’s no hotter team in sports right now than the Oakland A’s. Not Manchester City, not the Colorado Avalanche, and definitely not the New York Knicks, despite what their fans might be screaming from the Top of the Rock. No, it’s the Oakland A’s, who on Wednesday night won their 11th straight game (and 12th in the last 13) in such a way that one might honestly wonder if they will ever lose again. Check it out.

Yep, you’re reading the box score right. That’s a two-run extra innings walk-off on a throwing error with the A’s down to their final strike. You may not believe in God, but after watching this you better damn well believe in some sort of higher power. Luck. Destiny. Extraterrestrial involvement. Maybe that angel in the outfield moved 400 miles north and started playing third base. We don’t know what’s going on, but we do know that it’s working.

The miracle win, when combined with the 10 consecutive miracle wins preceding it, has vaulted the A’s from an 1-7 on the season to the top of the AL West, and continues the proud Athletics tradition of being inexplicably unbeatable for two weeks out of every season. That particular hot streak has come early this year, so enjoy it while it lasts. The fates, after all, are nothing if not fickle.