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Now this is news: A PGA Tour sponsor re-ups

February 13, 2009

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. -- Ordinarily, announcing the extension of a title sponsor's agreement on the PGA Tour is about as thrilling as a Matlock festival. But, these are not ordinary times. Friday morning Commissioner Tim Finchem participated by teleconference in the announcement that Travelers was extending it's current deal to sponsor the PGA Tour event in Hartford from two to six years.

"There's so much speculation that people looking down our list of sponsors and seeing financial service companies and autos and they just assume that we're having all these difficulties," said Finchem. "I think to have a financial service company step up for the long term is just a positive message. People in the industry, people who are commentating on the situation, other sponsors. I think the message from Buick last week about their commitment to the Buick Invitational was a very positive thing. Those kinds of messages I think are pretty important right now."

-- Jim Moriarty