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The Loop

Nike's Innovation Cover-Up doesn't compromise warmth, comfort or playability

February 10, 2014


It's a shirt; no, it's a sweater; no, it's a jacket.

Truth is, it's all of them.

The new Nike Innovation Cover-Up ($120) wears like a sweater and functions like a weather-resistant jacket but is light enough to feel like a shirt. The rib sleeves are something I especially like, and the nylon and spandex fabric not only helps protect you from the elements, they create a trim fit that allows for more flexibility and range of motion when combined with the practicality of the water-resistant body. (Not to mention, it will make you look better.)

Staying warm and dry in one piece is the new trend; we've seen some similar jackets in the industry but this is taking it to the next level, and I would be surprised if more designers don't follow suit.