Nicklaus on Modern Players

August 01, 2008

Rick O'Rourke of Westlake, Ohio, took issue with Jack Nicklaus' comments in Golf World's Open Championship coverage that some tour players are satisfied with 2nd--or 20th--place. And now Raymond Spornberger Kincaid takes issue of with O'Rourke.


Does Jack honestely think the dozens of multimillionaires on tour are cntent to play for 20th? Get a grip, Jack. Today's competition is superior in depth and breadth to your generation's. Tiger Woods dominates not because his competition is inferior; he dominates because he is simply that much better than his peers. Stop the self-serving, baseless criticisms.


Kincaid: __

It doesn't appear that Mr. O'Rourke has been observing the same golf tour that I have for the last forty years. Just who is it that challenges Tiger? I see no Floyds, Trevinos, Millers, Wadkins, Palmers, Watsons etc. etc. As a matter of fact I see little competion when Tiger is in a tournament. >


Okay, let's take sides here. What do you guys think? Let me start. If Tiger and Jack trade places they still dominate. The real question is, does Trevino beat Furyk? Does Watson whip Ogilvy? Is Johnny Miller better than Phil Mickelson? Does Raymond Floyd take Retief Goosen? I'm saying yes.

Comments, please.

--Bob Carney