Nick Hardy snaps club on tree, still manages to pull off recovery shot of the summer

July 27, 2023

It was an eventful first round for Nick Hardy at the 3M Open, but ultimately a successful one. He just needs to replace one of his clubs before Friday.

In the matter of a few holes at TPC Twin Cities, the 27-year-old had one of the luckiest lip-ins and one of the most brutal lip-outs you'll ever see. But that was nothing compared to the incredible recovery shot he hit on his ninth and final hole.

With his golf ball resting about a foot from a tree in the right rough, Hardy decided to hook a daring approach shot across a pond. Not only did he pull it off, he also hooked his iron around that tree in the process. Have a look:

Wow. As an announcer alludes to, it was definitely "worth it," especially because it was Hardy's last hole of the day. Even better? He rolled in the 11-footer for birdie to shoot an opening six-under-par 65. Here's how he described his 9-iron (RIP 9-iron) from 176 yards after:

Well played, Nick. That's why you're a pro. But to anyone reading this, it's probably best not to try that one at home.