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NFL reporter takes football to the face while she's delivering on-air sideline report, takes it like a champ

October 22, 2018

Being an NFL sideline reporter is a job not for the faint of heart. It might seem like a glamorous job—appearing on-air just a few times a broadcast and getting one of the best seats in the house. But while doing your job and reporting the news, you're likely to hear players and coachers using curses you've never dreamed about, fans saying even worse than that, and to top it off, your physical well-being might be in danger.

That was the case with NFL Network sideline reporter Melissa Stark as she delivered a report from London's Wembley Stadium. You might've missed it, since the Chargers/Titans game started early on Sunday morning, so Stark's report came as many football fans were still sleeping.

Give Stark a ton of credit: She embraced the errant throw and rolled with the rest of her report quite impressively.

It wasn't quite a Marcia Brady, get hit straight in the nose and end up with a humongous football-sized-injury situation. But that pass looked like it was coming in at full speed, and Melissa Stark just laughed it off and delivered a really strong report on Chargers running back Melvin Gordon missing Sunday morning's game. Well done, Melissa. We hope you had a nice safe seat on the sideline and avoided any more injuries the rest of your Sunday.