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Newsmakers Redux

December 06, 2007

Tom Collins of Bangor writes on Golf World's Newsmakers Issue, with the Fed Ex Cup Newsmaker No. 1, and on the new Tour television contract:


Nice recap on the Fed Ex Cup except you failed to mention the events that Tiger and Phil skipped due to lack of, whatever. Hats off to Tiger to stick around long enough to take the Cup. Obviously, Phil didn't care enough to go after it. Otherwise, great commentary. But, the last part of your letter regarding the Golf Channel debacle is off target unless you are talking to the rich and affluent who can pay for the Golf Channel. I could not afford the extra money for the Golf Channel last year, and with fuel and heating costs soaring, I won't be able to get it anytime in the near future. Your statement that if you wanted to watch golf on Thursday or Friday you could is true only if you chucked the extra money on the table every month. Now the NFL is apparently taking a lesson from golf with the NFL Network which robbed us of the Dallas / Green Bay game on Thursday night. The game was not offered in our area at all unless you had the Satellite as I understand it. So the point is as usual, the bottom line is just follow the money, and as long as fans continue to pay to watch sports they will be the only ones watching. The rest of us "fans" will be mowing the lawn on a more regular basis or watching reruns of Law and Order. Don't spin the truth on me.......I lost a lot of time enjoying the game on T.V. last year.

Tom, thanks for reminding us of the increasing cost of this game we love.

--Bob Carney