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What if we told you the New York Rangers missed both of these?

April 09, 2021

Right now the eyes of the sports world are understandably fixed on Augusta, Georgia. Unless you’re a Rangers ride-or-die, chances are you’re not too preoccupied with the knock-down, drag-out dog fight taking place in the middle of the NHL’s Eastern Division, where the Bruins, Flyers, and Rangers are all suffering from periodic bouts of staggering hockey incompetence. On Thursday, with the Flyers in free fall and facing a division foe in the Penguins, it was the Rangers’ turn to S the B, blowing these two absolutely glorious open-net looks as only they could. Viewer discretion is advised.

Brutal doesn’t begin to describe it . . . and then you realize they also missed a penalty shot down 3-1 with two minutes left in the second period. If you’ve ever seen three worse misses in the same game in your entire life, please show them to the nearest available Rangers fan. They could really use the support right now.

In the end, the Rangers, clad in the dark-blue reverse retros for the occasion of another soul-crushing loss, would fall 5-2, putting them six-points back of the Bruins for the East Division’s fourth and final playoff spot. Literally anything could happen over the next four weeks, especially with three of the NHL’s worst teams (including the Flyers on current form) in the Rangers' division, but if you're missing empty netters like this in April, expect to be in the Bahamas by May.