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The Mets hooked up a Nintendo 64 to the scoreboard to keep fans buying beer during a rain delay

The New York Mets have been like Eeyore this season. That’s not to say they’ve been bad or especially surly. It’s just that everywhere they go, a rain cloud seems to follow. They hit 10 weather postponements for the season before the end of May, had another bumped on Saturday, and then watched on Tuesday night as violent winds and lightning blew into New York City about 20 minutes ahead of first pitch with the Brewers. With fans already in the park, the game in weather delay, and the single-admission doubleheaders piling up, the Mets did everything in their power to keep butts in seats and baseball on the menu.

First, owner Steve Cohen took to Twitter to make promises not even he could keep (you can’t bribe Mother Nature, Steve).

Then, the Mets fired up the big guns, and by big guns we mean a dusty, old Nintendo 64 cartridge, which they hooked up to the massive scoreboard in centerfield for a game of ‘Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr.’ The fans, or what remained of them, went wild.

There seemed to be some roster discrepancies, as Mets’ beat writer Anthony DiComo pointed out. The Mets claimed this was the 1997 team, but ‘Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr.’ wasn’t actually released until 1998, leaving the Mets historians in the ballpark to puzzle over the starting pitching.

Like all old video games, however, the nostalgia quickly wore off. Left with nothing but crappy graphics and limited gameplay, the Mets were eventually forced to postpone the game sometime after 10 p.m. If only they had a copy of ‘MVP Baseball 2005’ lying around, they could have gone all night.