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New web series "Adventures In Golf" looks pretty fun

June 06, 2016

Disappointed by the NBA Finals? Bored waiting for next week's U.S. Open? Perhaps, you should check out the Internet for a new show.

On Tuesday, Skratch TV is releasing a new series called "Adventures in Golf" with Erik Anders Lang. And it looks pretty fun. Check out the trailer:

Skratch TV is an online video network created by the PGA Tour in 2015. In the series, Lang will travel the world, from Mumbai to Scotland to Tokyo to bring stories revolving around the game of golf and its varied characters. All the episodes will be released at the same time, so yes, you can binge watch. Even better, you can binge watch at work.

Aside from interesting content, why do we think the new show will be fun? Because of its host's previous work, especially this interview with Charley Hoffman earlier this year at the Waste Management Phoenix Open in which the two spoke to each other from neighboring port-o-potties:

There are no toilets in the trailer, but we still look forward to seeing what other shenanigans this guy gets up to.