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New simulator shows users what Jordan Spieth experiences on the golf course

April 01, 2016

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You can't drain 25-foot putts like Jordan Spieth. But thanks to a new golf simulator, you can at least experience what a lights-out short game feels like.

Full Swing Golf, makers of one of the more popular models used by PGA Tour players, is teaming with Under Armour to produce a simulator that duplicates the two-time major winner's “famous putts throughout the past few years and provide visitors a chance to mimic what Jordan would experience on the course,” Under Armour said in a press release.

The simulator will be based in Chicago, with the hope to introduce it in other locations.

While this sounds cool, my mind is racing at other prospective simulations. Dustin Johnson's drives? Sign me up. Phil Mickelson's flop shots? Yes, please. The Miguel Angel Jimenez warm-up? I might never leave the simulator.

We're living in exciting times, folks.