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New PGA Tour winner Emiliano Grillo looks like your average airport customer in this hilarious photo

October 19, 2015

When fans think of the life of a PGA Tour pro after a breakthrough win, we picture them popping bottles on private planes with their buddies and attractive girls. But as evidenced by this photo of this weekend's winner Emiliano Grillo, these guys are more like the fans than we thought.

This photo was shared by Grillo's caddie Jose Luis Campra on Monday morning, as the duo awaits a flight to Las Vegas from the Open in Napa, Calif., for the second event of the new 2015-'16 PGA Tour season. Grillo, a rookie after graduating from the Tour, impressively won in his first event of his rookie season.

Besides the trophy in this photo, you'd never know Grillo was a winner on the PGA Tour less than 12 hours before!

You see, these guys are more like us than you thought! Unless, you know, Grillo's looking for the nearest Maybach or Porsche car dealer in Vegas to spend his $1,080,000 winner's check.