New Orleans coach sums up Anthony Davis saga in brutally honest fashion

February 15, 2019
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Got to feel for Alvin Gentry. While the New Orleans Pelicans are dead in spirit, they are very much alive on the basketball court, owning a respectable 4-5 record since franchise star Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers agent Rich Paul tried to orchestrate a trade out of the Big Easy. Unfortunately for Davis, the move backfired, as the Pelicans decided not to be held hostage by a player still under contract for another year and a half.

While many fans and fellow league members commended New Orleans for standing their ground, the actual Pelican players, along with coach Gentry, have been collateral damage, trying to play through this sideshow. Davis returned this week, putting up a putrid three points in return in an embarrassing loss to the Magic. Then on Thursday night, Davis exited with an injury, a shoulder contusion, and left the arena.

Now, no matter the injury, it's standard practice that a player remains in the stadium (save for a trip to the hospital) until the game ends. So when the diplomatic Gentry discovered that Davis had bounced...let's just say a man needs to draw a line in the sand.

It's a damn shame Gentry left the scrum. Felt like he was this close to pulling a Denny Green.

On the bright side, we still have another eight weeks or so of regular season ball. They way this cake is baking, don't rule out Gentry ripping off his shirt mid-game like the Incredible Hulk or playing four players on the floor a la Gene Hackman in Hoosiers to prove some Draconian point. Frankly, it's the most exciting the Pelicans have been since, uh, ever.