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New Nike Covert driver on USGA conforming list

November 05, 2012

Nike Golf has been showing sneak peeks and videos about a new driver in the last week, but the U.S. Golf Association offered the big reveal in its weekly update of the list of conforming driver heads this morning.

In that listing are six separate entries for a Nike Covert and Covert Tour driver.Of note, the listings refer to several terms labeled on the driver, including "high speed cavity back technology," "NexCor" (NexCor is a Nike term for its variable face thickness technology) and "FlexLoft." Typically, the USGA listing details a driver loft, but none of the Nike entries mention a specific loft.

The individual listings indicate Nike's logo will appear somewhere on the crown of each driver, and the photographs that accompany each listing show a cavity in the rear portion of the sole.