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New Nike ad details Rory McIlroy's tireless Masters prep, vegetable chopping and all


Courtesy of Nike

April 03, 2016

Say this about the folks at Nike: they've long been adept at turning the release of a new ad campaign into an event. Of course the footwear giant, alongside its Portland-based ad agency Wieden & Kennedy, enjoyed such run of success in the golf space with Tiger Woods.

Remember this?

Or this?

Now Nike has Rory McIlroy as its marquee golfer, and as befitting as a brand that celebrates "the athlete," it has relished elaborating on the dawn-to-dusk training regimen of the fitness-crazed Northern Irishman. We love everything about this ad that debuts on the eve of Masters week, although are we really to believe the four-time major champion is chopping his own kale? Must he do everything?

Meanwhile, the "Enjoy the Chase" campaign also boasts short spots featuring other members of Nike's stable of golfers, including Michelle Wie practicing putting in a hotel hallway.

Patrick Rodgers making what appears to be the world's most unappetizing smoothie (perhaps he can borrow some kale from Rory?).

And finally, Tony Finau practicing blasting balls that are submerged in a water hazard, just in case he's faced with his own Bill Haas moment.