New Irons Worth Testing

April 03, 2018

Given the variety of designs, an iron model's distance is relative. The range of lofts on most 7-irons, for example, stretches from 26 to 34 degrees. So one brand's 7-iron might be equivalent to another brand's 5-iron. Our advice: Ask a qualified clubfitter to show you the dispersion on five to 10 shots with each iron you're considering purchasing. Your left and right misses might vary slightly from swing to swing, but the ideal iron offers sufficient length and the tightest dispersion from shortest hit to longest hit. Here are six new models to consider.


Photo by Ryan Zimmerman

1.) MIZUNO MP-18
Mizuno has updated the feel of this classic forged iron through a special process that compresses the grain structure of the carbon steel in the hitting area.
PRICE: $1,200 eight clubs

Based on the company's 2013 forged cavity-back made popular on tour, this upgraded version has a different center of gravity for each club to produce ideal launch and spin. New grooves add more control, too.
PRICE: $1,300 eight clubs

This throwback forged blade design adds some modern punch with stronger lofts in the middle irons. Precision-milled grooves improve spin on shots from the rough.
PRICE: $1,000 eight clubs

The irons in this set are designed differently depending on the need: hollow long irons for distance, fuller-grooved short irons for spin and blade-like wedges for versatility. A one-length set is available, too.
PRICE: $800 seven clubs

5.) XXIO X
Built with the distance-hungry in mind, these lightweight irons help you stay balanced during your swing. Titanium faces provide extra spring, and tungsten in the sole produces a higher ball flight.
PRICE: $1,280 eight clubs

6.) TITLEIST 718 AP2
There's a lighter, more flexible steel in the face on the long and middle irons and mounds of heavy tungsten in the heel and toe for better distance on mis-hits. One-piece forgings finish out the short irons for feel and control.
PRICE: $1,300 eight clubs