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Natty Light giving away year's worth of free beer for every birdie made on Masters Sunday

Remember those glory days when the Natty Light 77 pack seemed like a lot of beer? When it felt like no matter what you did or how much you drank, you would never reach the bottom of that beautiful hexagon of hops? Well, those days dried up and so did the beer. Before you knew it, you were wandering supermarket aisles like Lewis without Clark and staring longingly into gray-light gas-station coolers for hours on end. But now, for the first time in a long time, there is hope. Hope because Natural Light has finally returned, and with it the promise of even more beer.

How much more beer? Well, for every birdie made on Masters Sunday, they assure the good, golf-loving people of America, one lucky fan will win a year's supply of Natural Light.

Molinari knocking it close on six? Ding. Spieth avenging his demons on 12? Ding ding. Reed sealing his back-to-back with a bomb on 18 while a completely silent gallery watches on? Ding ding ding. As long as you have Tweeted out #BirdieLight and #Sweepstakes at any point on Sunday, you will automatically be in the running to win 365 days of Natty.

A tip of the cap to the one-stroke advantage Natural Light holds over Miller Lite on the calorie scorecard, Natural Light will also, quite literally, be rolling out the Official Light Beer Leaderboard on Sunday, parading around Augusta with a mobile billboard celebrating their caloric supremacy in the new (and very snipey) light beer wars.

HERO_040519_Natty Light Free Beer_static_billboard_2.jpg

If you are planning on tossing your Solo cup into the ring, however, just make sure you do it BEFORE setting foot within the hallowed rules-topia that is Augusta National. If the stewards catch you tweeting #BirdieLight once you're behind the ropes, you're getting a prompt and proper boot, and no amount of beer can drown that sorrow. Take our word it.