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Muirfield Golf Club members, better not sit there, by order of Edinburgh women

December 19, 2016

Muirfield Golf Club has chosen to retain its membership policy that excludes women and there is little anyone can do about it, short, perhaps, of publicly shaming it into change.

So it is that a plaque on a small bench in a quiet gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland, features a resounding message intending to help do so.

“The members of Muirfield Golf Club are hereby excluded from sitting on this bench. By order of the female population of Edinburgh.”

Well played.

It isn’t likely to change minds, but neither has it gone unnoticed. The Telegraph has a story on it in its Monday edition, based in part on this Facebook post from the Edinburgh Spotlight:

“A post featuring a picture of the plaque on Facebook has been shared nearly 2,000 times and liked by 8,000 people,,” the story notes. “On Twitter, the picture was retweeted almost a thousand times by Monday morning.”

The club last summer took a vote on opening its membership to women but it was soundly defeated, resulting in the course being removed from the British Open rota.