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Mr. Style Under Siege!

*Zut alor!*Some readers are ripped about Mr. Style Marty Hackel's makeover of Billy Mayfair in the August issue. Well, not about made-over Mayfair, but how much it cost to get him there:

Here's Charles McDermott of Columbus, Indiana:

Even though I make a decent living I'll admit that the vast majority of my golf balls are bought in the under $20 category and I've never paid over $100 for a round of golf. So that me, no apologies. I don't mind that others pay $150,000 to join a country club; hay, it's your money, enjoy! But...Mr. Style doing a makeover for Billy Mayfair and suggesting the House of Fleming $530 belt! Maybe I missed something; that was a $30 money belt with a $500 bill tucked inside? Someone needs a "Woody Austin" putter-head smacking if they paid $530 for a belt. Oops, I just broke a shoe lace; does Mr. Style have any $290 "House of Fleming" shoe laces that he could suggest?

Lane Orr of Franklin, N.C. also thinks Marty is due a dressing down:

Dear Marty, Surely you jest or was that a typo on page 62? I know the price of golf is going up, $40 for a polo shirt maybe OK as a birthday gift, but $325 for a pair of golf slacks is wild enough; then you show $530 for a belt? That's crazy!! What exotic creature was the source of that piece of leather?

Please tell me that it was a joke and that I've been had......


We asked Marty about the cost of the makeover and especially that belt. Here is his reply:

Guys, you have to understand that for tour pros, who because of endorsements are typically limited in what they can wear, belts are a chance to show some personality. Belts are where they make their mark and where they tend to splurge. And that's a heck of nice belt. As for the pants, we wanted Billy to look really good.  There are always options and you can get a perfectly nice belt for less. There are many great belts in the market at $75-$100. Martin Dingman and Coach have an excellent collection and I would bet you could find some good choices at Dillard's at Fashion Square in Phoenix. Nike also has a solid collection of golf belts. Thanks for writing!

For the record, I tend to show my personality with ball markers. I've spent as much as $8 on one. There. It's good to get that off my chest.

Meanwhile, can't wait to see what Mr. Style discovers in Carnoustie....

--Bob Carney