This North Carolina golf course has a private-jet runaway splitting its sixth and eighth holes, looks incredible

For better or worse, private jets and golf go hand in hand. The top pros fly on their own charters. Each and every April, the runways at Augusta Regional Airport turn into parking lots. Even Alabama ball coach Nick Saban uses one when he’s running late for a tee time. So it makes sense that elite clubs across America would cater to this lifestyle, but none more than Mountain Air Country Club in Burnsville, North Carolina, which has its own private-jet landing strip smack dab in the middle of the course.

Wild stuff, but that's just the start. As if a private-jet runway splitting the sixth and eighth holes wasn’t enough, the narrow tarmac strip also happens to be the highest of its kind east of the Rocky Mountains. The resort also gets frequent flyovers by nearby military aircraft for high-altitude flight training. We’ll let Doug explain how you’re supposed to chip with that going on.

Other golf facilities include Lost Chimneys, a 17,000-sqaure foot learning center outfitted with the latest cameras and fitting technology, and a simulator for those rainy days when you still want to squeeze in a round. Even if you don’t have a private jet to call your own, Mountain Air Country Club—perched in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains—still offers one of the most unique and stunning golf experiences on the Eastern seaboard. As long as you’re not afraid of heights that is …