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December 28, 2007

The talk continues on Tiger and our photos and story about him in the January issue. Besides the comments on this blog, reader Steve Kass of Castle Rock, Colorado, has something to say about Jerry Tarde's references to Tiger in his Editor's Letter:


As an avid reader of your magazine, I take exception with some of Jerry Tarde's characterization of Tiger Woods in the December issue. First, while Tiger may find connection with his father through an interest in the military, let's not forget that Tiger is but a golfer. He may be the best golfer of all time, but his life is not in danger and unlike our military, he is highly compensated for his work. Let's not confuse Tiger's dabbling in military training with the very real service of our armed forces. It is an insult to those risking and losing their lives to provide >

the freedom we enjoy. I'm sure Tiger is thankful for the armed forces, who like his father, give us the society that enable him to play golf for a living.

Also, Tiger's physical fitness regimen may be based on Navy Seals training, but that is a trend sweeping gyms throughout the country. Tiger is obviously in great condition, and among golfers he stands apart. The closest Tiger comes to taking a hit from a 270-pounder is when Tim Herron slaps him on the back in congratulations for another win.>

Never a bad idea to keep a bit of perspective on our sport and our heroes, Ray. I think Tiger would agree.

--Bob Carney

(Photo: Walter Iooss, Jr.)