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More reaction to the US Open Challenge

Reader Brian J. Doherty of Mill Creek, Washington, had his problems with our U.S. Open Challenge.

GREAT idea, good timing, POOR execution of the "Challenge" at Torrey prior to the Open... Loved the idea. Most all of us live in the 10-15 handicap world and we all wonder a) what would it really be like to play an Open course and b) what would we really shoot ? Looked forward to it. But, it should have been a foursome of "regular" Joe's with handicaps from maybe 6 to 10, not one lucky guy ( who was well deserving) and three CELEBRITIES!! Who wants to see a 2-handicap like Tony Romo play ? Is he your average "10-handicap" ? Shouldn't he be in training camp still working on field-goal holds ? I was disappointed in the three celebs deal. They play/perform in front of thousands, maybe millions, on a regular basis. Golf or not, there is no way they would feel the same pressure like I or anyone else would who's never been on center stage !! Next time, keep the "celebs" out !! B-O-R-I-N-G ! By the way, loved Torrey for an Open. Next year we get another PUBLIC venue in Bethpage, then Pinehurst and Chambers Bay further down the line. Courses that ANY of us can play, not the exclusive private courses that have dominated US Opens of the past. Applause to USGA for being willing to>

make some course changes, both physically and geographically !!>

Brian, I get that you're leaning "yes" on public courses for the Open and "no" on celebs for our U.S. Open Challenge, should we do it again. The thing is, the combination of Tiger's being in contention, the great venue that Torrey Pines turned out to be, and the Challenge foursome--with its celebrities--produced a rating of 2.4, which far exceeded expectations (and beat several Sunday PGA Tour telecasts). So someone liked watching these guys.

Did you catch Matt Lauer's mention of the Challenge on the Today Show this morning? He explained his score of 100 by reporting that he'd played the Challenge with two broken arms. Very funny.

--Bob Carney