More Nicholson

December 05, 2007

From reader Lonn Friend of LA comes this "Nicholson Moment":



Kudos on your > Nicholson cover story.  Brought to mind what I can only describe as a surreal moment a few years back at the exquisite Sherwood Country Club.  I was a guest of my friend, actor Miguel Ferrer. Longtime media icon, Les Garland, and Jack's Easy Rider running mate, Dennis Hopper, an old pal of Garland's, completed the foursome.  We'd all just hit our drives on the magnificent number 14, downhill dogleg left and we're approaching our balls in the fairway when a caddie comes jogging toward us from the tee box.  "Hang on," says Miguel.  "That's Nicholson's caddie." We wait patiently 'til the twenty-something kid in the white jumpsuit reaches us.  "Hi guys," he says.  "Jack would like to play through."  None of us were aware of Jack's presence on the course.  We didn't see him before the round.  He must have tee'd off later but blazed a pretty sweet clip to reach our group.  The kid waves toward the tee box and smack, a drive comes soaring down the fairway, landing in the left rough, ten feet where we're standing, in the shadow of the hole's intimidating oak tree. Couple minutes later, here comes Nicholson.  And I'm standing next to Dennis Hooper.  Talk about a Forrest Gump moment.  "Hello, Jack," smiles Hopper.  "Looking good, Hop!" fires back his friend of 40 years.  "Now watch carefully 'cause you're not gonna believe this shot," whereupon the Oscar-winning, Laker-loving avatar of entertainment and the life-fantastic smokes a five-iron under a slightly obstructing tree limb, landing on the lower right edge of the green.  "See you guys in the Clubhouse."  Priceless. Â

Lonn, can I get a game with you?

--Bob Carney

(Photo of Miguel Ferrer: