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More Fields on W's Golf

Not since our ill-fated change of type size has anything riled Golf World readers like Bill Fields' column on Pres. Bush's decision to quit playing golf during the war. (At least you could read this one). His piece--and Geoff Russell's accompanying comment in Front 9--have drawn a mountain of emails and posts here. Unlike the point size issue, however, there are also supporters. Without further ado, a sampling of your views on the Bush issue:

I get a golf magazine to get information about golf. I will cancel my subscription if I see another article by Bill Fields, unless he apologizes. If President Bush wants to quit golf, while Commander in Chief, it is his right. For you to think it is a slap in the face to golf, is quite a stretch. I don't want to see Bush Bashing in my golf magazine. Since you make assumptions, let me make one, you are just another Liberal media person who prints his opinions instead of unbiased facts. Donald Shafer>

San Benito, Texas >

I was disappointed when I read Bill Fields' article that brought Golf World into the political arena and took an opportunity to bash our President. The President believes he is doing the right thing and all that came through the article was Bill's partisanship and an opportunity to take a shot at the President. By the way Bill, the approval rating of the Democratic congress is at an all-time low of 14% or less than half that of the President.

Dave Wilde

Washingtonville, NY

"Spot On!" Bill! As a veteran and political aficionado, I took particular offense at our President's incredibly hypocritical and lame announcement of "his sacrifice" (stop playing golf) in honor of our fallen heroes and their families. He, and most of the "neocons," have never "served" on active duty, but eagerly sent our gallant men and women into a war in Iraq which has become a FUBAR of biblical proportions. George Bush could learn a lot about "life skills" from golf and Bobby Jones, by "playing the ball as it lies!"

Rod Yeager

Midwest Section PGA

(Colonel, USAF, Ret)

I do not purchase your magazine to read the comments for or against the President. If Geoff Russell or Bill Fields want to give us their opionions they should find a different forum, like the New York Times or dailykos.>

We play and enjoy golf, keep it there.

Michael Dunford

Cheektowaga NY

I would like to comment on Mr. Bill Fields opinion article in the subject magazine concerning President Bush's failure to play golf because of the perception that the Commander-in-Chief shouldn't be playing golf when our military are suffering casualties during the war on terror. I think Mr. Fields very ably addresses the error of that thinking. I think it would have been most appropriate to recommend to President Bush that he read your other article, "Recovery Shots" to understand how golf is helping the rehabilitation process for our injured troops and further suggest that he join some of them during a round of golf. That makes for a win-win situation for everyone.

Tim LaPlaunt

Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps (retired)

St. Charles, MO

I am in a slow burn concerning Mr. Fields "Opinion" article of May 23, 20008. Citing CBS News as a news source is a joke. CBS has not gotten anything right since Cronkite retired. Maybe that is where he got the information that President Bush "initiated" the war in Iraq. As I remember, Saddam Hussein had broken the 1991 Gulf War Truce and defied 17 United Nations resolutions over a 12 year period. This included Resolution 1441 that was approved by France, China and Russia well as the US Congress. This resolution authorized the use of force to remove Saddam and his two murderous sons from power.>

Seems that we can't get away from you liberal S.O.Bs, even in a golf magazine.

Wm Barry Huckabee

Nashville, TN 37210

Love your magazine, hate the politics. Please let Bill Fields know that we don't read your magazine for a dose of his politics. The letters you printed were predictable, the left loved it the right didn't...stick to golf.

Rick Snowden

Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you all for your comments.

--Bob Carney