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Mizuno's MP-15 iron is crammed with modern design but still appeals to better players

Mizuno has combined carbon steel and titanium before, in its MP-59 irons. With the launch of its new MP-15 irons, the company builds off that foundation.


Whereas the MP-59 removed 20 grams of weight and replaced them with 11 grams of titanium, the MP-15 removes 38 grams and replaces them with 10 grams of titanium. The result provided designers with 19 grams of discretionary weight.


The club also took elements from the MP-64 iron to produce a compact look to appeal to better players. In fact, Luke Donald gave feedback on the MP-15 during the design stage. The clubs ($1,000 for a set of eight, steel shafts) were shown to tour staff at the British Open and will be available at retail in September.

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