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Miura Golf introduces 'compact' 460cc driver

April 10, 2012

Miura Golf is a small, but distinguished company known for the quality of its forged irons. Not as well known is that it has a full line of equipment, which includes its newest driver offering, the SIT-460, that it calls "the most compact 460cc [driver] in golf."

So how can a 460cc driver be anything but a 460cc driver, or more to the point, how can it be considered compact? The answer is with its shaping.

The SIT (which stands for Strong & Ideal Trajectory) has a tall face, increasing the volume verticically, rather than horizontally, giving it the appearance at address of a compact design, the company said.

It is an all-titanium head, cast in two pieces (the face is laser welded to the body), and is available in either 9 or 10.5 degrees (right-hand only). The clubhead weighs 196 grams, four grams fewer than Miura's Precious driver, which is 390cc.

The suggested retail price is $595 (though the price will vary depending on shaft option).

-- John Strege