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Missed by that much (92 strokes)

September 30, 2009

Occasionally players get into the PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament (in this case the Pre-Qualifying Stage) who don't belong. The recent pre-qualifier at Seaside, Calif. was a case in point.

One player had rounds of 97, 95, 100 and 99 to miss advancing to the first stage of the qualifying tournament by 92 strokes. He was 38 strokes in arrears of the player directly in front of him on the leaderboard.

Aside from embarrassing, it isn't fair to those with whom he is playing, who are there attempting to secure a future in golf and have to endure playing with someone chopping it around like a 25-handicapper. (or worse).

Another player who shouldn't have been there was former Major League Baseball player Phil Nevin, who had rounds of 83, 89, 93 and 81 to miss advancing by 47 strokes. It was the second straight year he missed by a wide margin (he was off 17 strokes from advancing last year).

Meanwhile, in another pre-qualifier, Gary Nicklaus (Jack's son) and Sam Saunders (Arnold Palmer's grandson) advanced to the first stage.

-- John Strege