Miss America contestant's yodeling ventriloquism act will haunt your dreams

September 11, 2017

The Miss America competition can be a lot of things: entertaining, occasionally inspiring, sometimes comical. But has it ever been . . . frightening? Probably not, save for some dubious answers to the occasional thought-provoking question. But that was before Miss Louisiana Laryssa Bonacquisti took the stage with two puppets for a yodeling ventriloquism act that was equal parts impressive, melodic, and surely for some audience members, fodder for their next therapy session.

Here's a taste:

And here's some of the inevitable puzzled reaction online:

In fairness to Miss Louisiana, hers is a unique gift, and it could have conceivably helped push her over edge with the judges. Alas, she fell short to Miss North Dakota, who overcame an appalling lack of puppet yodeling experience to claim the crown.