Florida Men

Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel shouting out a Division II golf coach is the wildest crossover we've ever seen

Despite the Miami Heat's Game 1 loss in the NBA Finals, it's still a very good time to be a sports fan in Florida. The Sunshine state is always hot, but the sports scene of late has turned God's waiting room into a five-alarm fire. Between the Heat, Brooks Koepka's "Ps" and a mega-hyped up Miami Dolphins squad, it's all coming up FLA. 

It's not just the pro teams making some noise in the Southeast either. As Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel proudly pointed out during a recent press conference, The U's men's basketball team made a spirited run to the Final Four in March, as did the Florida Atlantic University Owls. And, who could forget, the Nova Southeastern University men's golf team, which just won its third NCAA Division II National Championship. 

Wait, who? 

"Joey Marino ... you've heard that last name before?" McDaniel asked the media. "Yeah, he's a champion, in South Florida, 2023. He's the head coach of [the Nova Southeastern] golf team." 

One reporter who was just as confused as us asked McDaniel if he played golf, to which McDaniel hilariously replied "no, but I judge it."

Marino, who has no relation to Dan but does have a Twitter account, proudly reposted the clip of McDaniel's awesome shoutout:

Incredibly cool stuff for Marino and his Sharks, who took down No. 1 seed Oklahoma Christian in the championship medal match last week for the program's third national title and its first in eight years. Evidently, McDaniel keeps tabs on just about every sport under the sun. Don't be surprised if he's shouting out a D-III darts squad from South Florida next week. That's something that probably/definitely doesn't even exist but I wouldn't be mad if it did.