Throwback Thursday

This old Mike and the Mad Dog clip about a PGA Tour playoff causing a kid's bathtime disaster is a classic

May 13, 2021

Having a sporting event you're watching cause problems by going long has happened to everyone. But when you're a parent of little kids, those viewing windows become even smaller. And those problems? Even bigger.

In the past 24 hours, a classic clip of radio host Chris Russo telling such a tale has been making the rounds thanks to SI's Jimmy Traina, who announced on Thursday he will be retweeting it every hour because, "Everybody deserves to laugh at this as much as I did." We appreciate your efforts Jimmy. And it definitely had us laughing as well—even though it really shouldn't.

In the old Mike and the Mad Dog clip, Russo, AKA the "Mad Dog," tells co-host Mike Francesa about a time when he was trying to watch a PGA Tour event that went to a playoff during his kids' bath time. From there, chaos—and "third-degree burns"—ensued. Have a listen because it's funny. No, really. Trust us.

Incredible. Just incredible. Of course, the best part is at the end when Russo admits he did a "bad job"—for not thinking to turn to Golf Channel. Not for, you know, BURNING one of his kids!

Anyway, as someone who misses Mike and the Mad Dog, it was nice to take a trip down memory lane. But it should also serve as a reminder to parents everywhere: always check the bath temperature.