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Mickelson and Daly: Really?

January 30, 2010

SAN DIEGO -- Two of the more prominent names in golf, Phil Mickelson and John Daly, dominated the news at the Farmers Insurance Open on Friday, each of them having made incredulous statements.

Mickelson denied that he was using the Ping Eye2 wedge with square grooves to protest against the USGA for invoking a groove rule he said is "a terrible rule." He was just curious about whether the Ping wedge would make a difference, he said.

He was not particularly convincing. For one, he said he doesn't see much difference between his Callaway wedge and the Ping Eye2 wedge. If that's the case, why not just use the Callaway wedge, inasmuch as he's on the Callaway tour staff, and not open yourself to a cheating allegation? The headlines aren't favorable to Mickelson. Here is a sampling:

*Mickelson called 'cheat' in club row -- the Independent.

Any fair analysis of the controversy would conclude that he is not cheating, because the club in question is deemed conforming to the rules. But why join a controversy that has your name being associated with cheating?

As for Daly, he already has backed off his statement to Golf Channel on Friday that, "I'm done." (See the previous post.)

He is frustrated, to be sure, but it's inconceivable that he'll quit. What else is he going to do? The game is probably his best (and probably only) option for alleviating the financial difficulties he says are diverting his focus from golf. He'll be back.

-- John Strege